Urban Ventures, Inc. provides affordable housing and real estate development consulting services to nonprofit developers, local governments, and nonprofit lenders. Urban Ventures specializes in helping clients secure financing for affordable housing projects, including supportive housing for homeless and other special needs populations. Urban Ventures has worked on the development or financing of $1.25 billion in projects, including 8,800 units in 89 projects. Urban Ventures, Inc. was founded by Stuart Hershey in 1983, and offers the following services:

  • Development Consulting - Conduct feasibility and market studies for affordable housing projects, as well as prepare applications for public grants, loans, and tax credits. Assist in the selection and supervision of architects, attorneys, and general contractors.


  • Underwriting - Evaluate affordable housing projects for lenders, including recommendations regarding terms, conditions, and appropriate deal structures. Negotiate on behalf of lender with developer and other financing sources and review developer agreements.


  • Policy and Compliance - Help state and local governments plan and implement affordable housing programs, including working with officials to assemble – and comply with – federal, state and local government funding regulations, as well as other private sector resources.


  • Supportive Housing - Specializing in developing special needs housing projects, including the real estate and service program elements of projects for people exiting homelessness and those with mental illness or substance abuse issues.